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SBS Expedited Truck

With over 60 years in the logistics and transportation industry,  we bring efficiency to the transportation segment and supply chain management. Serving throughout the US Texas and California Region (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona) and Eastern Canada, we keep your business and your freight moving forward. Having had a presence in the industry for more than a decade, we pride ourselves to serve thousands of clients so far. We offer vehicles ranging from advanced and latest cars and services like carrier and transport are available with us round the clock. Our timely and safe carriers can transport heavy machinery, loads, and even cars from one place to another. Our trucks feature uses Aiksphere technologies to give you real-time information regarding your freight’s delivery. Our company is equipped to respond to your custom-tailored transportation and logistics solutions. “NO” is never an option for us! We are the no.1 shipping company where you can count on for the transportation services:

  • Top-Rated Service

  •  Asset Based Carrier

  • 24/7 Dispatch Service

  • Competitive transportation rates.

SBS Expedited Truck


SBS Expedited Truck


We make your shipment our priority

SBS Expedited Truck

SBS Expedited is an asset-based trucking company with a high volume of modern fleets and the latest trailers. Our team never says no to any freights. Whether your freight needs to be moved fresh, chilled, or frozen, our knowledgeable team provides the highest level of logistic services. We have the right equipment and the latest operators in the industry to ensure we are on the right track to keep our customers completely satisfied. Beyond this, we have access to numerous expedited transport options, including 24 foot straight trucks, vans, and open decks. Our growing asset Based fleet brings the best options for your transport needs. Our mission is clear. We want to build a best-in-class transportation company and ensure the most accurate and reliable delivery time for you. We proudly deliver as the safest and fastest-growing truckload carrier in Canada. We continuously upgrade equipment in line with industry standards and the latest technologies to guarantee a seamless transportation experience. 

Larger Fleet and Broader Solution

SBS Expedited Truck

Our employees are trained to prioritize all your transportation requirements. Each carrier has its capacities and based on that we provide high-service, dependable, and value-creating transportation solutions. We offer the ideal full truckload trucking services for anyone looking to accommodate to ship heavy freight (typically 20,000 pounds or more) or a large amount of product. Dry vans, flatbeds, reefers, and temperature-controlled shipments, and even hazardous materials, SBS Expedited accommodates various scheduling options for pick-ups and deliveries for your specific truckload needs. Within US Texas and California Region (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona) and Eastern Canada, you can hire SBS Expedited anytime to transport both large and small loads using Vans, Reefers, Heated trailers, and Flatbeds. We’re proud of our industry with a full menu of freight management services. We understand the importance of goods delivered on time and are committed to allowing a broad range of cargo to be shipped just about anywhere, safely. 

SBS Expedited Truck


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We are Canada's #1 choice in providing Canadian transportation & logistic services. With unmatched service and unparalleled execution, our global presence reflects our ingenuity. As a premier logistics company in Canada, we are committed to delivering optimized freight transportation solutions for you and your business - shipping across US Texas and California Region (Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona) and Eastern Canada. SBS ensures that goods get to where they are needed! SBS dispatch and track packages throughout their transportation.